August 2006


Starting in September 2006 in Brixton.Bringing Conscious Films to Conscious People For all generations 

(bring your unwanted clothes for a clothes exchange) 

Watch this Space for the Space! V possibly on Loughborough Estate 

Free (or solidarity donation) 


Unless you live near Sellafield or Dungeness, the dangers of radioactive waste probably seem a world away.

Sadly, they’re not.

Hundreds of thousands of us are unwittingly xposed to the dangers of nuclear waste. Trains carrying nuclear waste pass through Denmark Hill station and Peckham Rye on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursday at approx 19.00 and within 3 metres of ordinary passenger trains.


Research further – a good place to start is www. or

Help Greenpeace to monitor nuclear trains passing through your station: if you see a nuclear train, take a photo of it and they’ll put it on their website. Send the image, along with the location to with ‘snap’ as the subject

 Brixton Hill windmill

In 1816, an Irish family owned a farm estate with a windmill, a house and a lovely garden. In 1943, the windmill and garden were protected as Open Space and in 1957, they were bought by the London County Council. On another part of the same estate the Brixton Waterworks had been built. The workers dugs allotment plots and grew their vegetables; they also played cricked and football on the sports ground next to the allotments. Today, the waterworks have been privatised and run by Thames Water/ RWE, a German company. They plan to sell off the allotments and Lam

beth Council wants to buy them for playing fields.
The windmill allotments are a beautiful and valued community resource. To show solidarity in the preservation of these allotments, help collect names for the petition on


 Space is the Place!!!!

A party to celebrate the launch of a new generation!

Wednesday 2 August, 2-4pm at the South London Gallery, Peckham Road

It’s a cause for celebration, a new hope is born.Planet earth is done for; generations of adults have messed things up beyond repair.  The Lambeth Band of Solidarity invites our new generation of hope to come together in celebration and preparation for take off! Abandon ship! Space is the future!If you’re under 5, then this event involving rockets, planets & stars is for YOU*  

*(and your parent / carer)

Sprouts are very young plants, one stage up from a seed & a seed is a storehouse of energy containing all the nutrients needed for a plant to grow. When a seed starts to sprout the nutrients contained in it become available. Some seeds (like alfalfa) contain all the essential amino acids to make it a complete protein. Here’s how to sprout! 

  1. Rinse 1.5 tablespoons of alfalfa seeds
  2. Soak seeds overnight in cold water
  3. Drain and place in a jam jar, spreading out seeds
  4. Make jay cloth lid and keep it on with an elastic band
  5. Place the jamjar in a well-lit spot avoiding direct sunlight
  6. Twice daily, pour water over and drain away.
  7. Alfalfa sprouts will be ready in between 3 – 8 days


The proposed National Identity Register (NIR) will hold information about us from the books we take out of the library, to our bank withdrawals,  plane travel and prescriptions we take to the chemist. 

The band is really really worried about the new ID card scheme and we want to get people talking about it in Lambeth. We feel that we are being fobbed off with illogical arguments by the government. The arguments that an ID card will prevent terrorism, cut ID theft, prevent benefit fraud and control illegal immigration don’t make sense. The Spanish ID card didn’t stop the
Madrid bombings and a British ID card wouldn’t have stopped the 7/7 bombings. ID cards won’t stop homegrown suicide bombers. Like crime, benefit fraud has decreased but the government enjoys keeping the great people of these islands in a frenzy about both.  

So, what’s it really about then? 

MONEY We will pay for the card, up to £100 each. We will pay fines of upto £2,500 (repeatable) if we don’t comply with any of the numerous rules. The government will earn millions from corporations and other organisations paying to find out the information the NIR holds. 

EXTREME WASTE OF MONEY & RESOURCES  The government says it will cost £6b for the first 10 years. Independent estimates (LSE) are £19b. 

CONTROL The scheme won’t be voluntary, despite the current soft rhetoric. The system will only work if everyone is forced to carry a card. The heavy fines for non-compliance as set out in the ID card bill are an only too clear indication of the route we are being forced to take. The government calls its conscription centres ‘enrolment’ centres! They want us to believe we’re signing up for a course in photography!   

We are being silently dragooned. We are being softly coerced.  Question everything! Start believing that as human beings we have the right to define who we are and what we do independent of a central authority, that we won’t be reduced to swipes on a government card. Believe it & really believe it. Start expressing severe doubts about the scheme in your workplace, schools and families! This bill will only happen if we let it! Remember the Poll tax! 

More info from us or 




Drum Her in solidarity with Mumia 

On Sunday 19th November, the Brixton 4 Mumia collective held a benefit gig for Mumia Abu Jamal raising £350 for his legal defence. Artists and writers, Ceri Buck, Anjan Saha, Tony Pryce, Drum Her, and various capoeira players, performed in support of Mumia. Thanks to all for coming and showing solidarity!

Background to case

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been on death row for 24 years, convicted in 1982 for the murder of a policeman. Jamal is innocent and mountains of evidence prove this. As a radio journalist known as the ‘voice of the voiceless’, Mumia’s impassioned defence of black rights and his excellent written and spoken communication skills brought him to the attention of the FBI.  His conviction was carried because of his membership of the Black Panther party. 

In 2001, US District Judge Yohn overturned the death sentence but upheld every aspect of Jamal’s frame-up conviction. Both he and the prosecutors are appealing this 2001 decision. Jamal has never been off death row in this time.  Jamal’s case is now at a critical juncture.  In December 2005, the federal appeals court put his case on a ‘fast track’ for decision, which means he’s entering the last stages of the legal proceedings.  By the end of 2006, the court could decide what is next for Mumia: death, life in prison or more legal proceedings. 

The Lambeth Band of Solidarity is solid with the Partisan Defence Committee in their defence of Mumia Abu-Jamal. The PDC will pursue every legal avenue on Jamal’s behalf with no illusions that justice can be found through the courts.  Let’s start talking about Mumia Abu-Jamal again, showing our support, informing ourselves about what really happened and why.  We don’t stand for the waste of a beautiful life. This man must be FREE NOW!  If you need any further reminder of the desperation of the situation in the
US, just remember the inhumane & brutal neglect by the
US state when thousands of black and poor people were left to die in
New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Join us in our solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal and black and working class people everywhere! 

We will be showing the film From Death Row, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal soon. Get in touch with us for more info.  Email for PDC is  

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