The proposed National Identity Register (NIR) will hold information about us from the books we take out of the library, to our bank withdrawals,  plane travel and prescriptions we take to the chemist. 

The band is really really worried about the new ID card scheme and we want to get people talking about it in Lambeth. We feel that we are being fobbed off with illogical arguments by the government. The arguments that an ID card will prevent terrorism, cut ID theft, prevent benefit fraud and control illegal immigration don’t make sense. The Spanish ID card didn’t stop the
Madrid bombings and a British ID card wouldn’t have stopped the 7/7 bombings. ID cards won’t stop homegrown suicide bombers. Like crime, benefit fraud has decreased but the government enjoys keeping the great people of these islands in a frenzy about both.  

So, what’s it really about then? 

MONEY We will pay for the card, up to £100 each. We will pay fines of upto £2,500 (repeatable) if we don’t comply with any of the numerous rules. The government will earn millions from corporations and other organisations paying to find out the information the NIR holds. 

EXTREME WASTE OF MONEY & RESOURCES  The government says it will cost £6b for the first 10 years. Independent estimates (LSE) are £19b. 

CONTROL The scheme won’t be voluntary, despite the current soft rhetoric. The system will only work if everyone is forced to carry a card. The heavy fines for non-compliance as set out in the ID card bill are an only too clear indication of the route we are being forced to take. The government calls its conscription centres ‘enrolment’ centres! They want us to believe we’re signing up for a course in photography!   

We are being silently dragooned. We are being softly coerced.  Question everything! Start believing that as human beings we have the right to define who we are and what we do independent of a central authority, that we won’t be reduced to swipes on a government card. Believe it & really believe it. Start expressing severe doubts about the scheme in your workplace, schools and families! This bill will only happen if we let it! Remember the Poll tax! 

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