A new 12-week series of SOMA is starting in April


SOMA – an experiment in anarchism

Monday nights from April


7 – 10 pm

(£7 full /£5 concession)

The Boxing Club
Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Road LONDON E14 7HA

Info: 07758224334 (Goia) – 07947596589 (Arthur)

By Tube

Limehouse DLR from Bank or Tower Gateway, then a 5 minute walk (see below).

By Bus

15 From Trafalgar Sq.
115 From Aldgate
D6 From Hackney
D3 From Bethnal Green


Get onto Commercial Road and travel East from Aldgate or Whitechapel. Keep going until you pass Limehouse DLR on your right (under the DLR train bridge) and you’ll see a modern red brick church also on the right, lots of sickening property developments, then an ex-library with a statue of Clement Atlee in front of it, then you’ll see the Town Hall with St Anne’s (Hawksmoor) church behind it. If you need to park, there is a pay and display area behind the town hall (go right onto Three Colt Street after the church, and weave your way to the back of the hall), but there are no parking wardens on weekends.

map:  http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=536720&y=181065&z=1&sv=536750,181250&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

This is an introductory workshop for SOMA – an experiment in anarchism. SOMA is a series of 12 sessions/experiences using body games to create a group dynamic, inspired by principles of self-organisation and solidarity. Working in groups is one of the biggest challenges in our competitive and individualistic society, even among activists fighting against it. How could we live in a more collaborative way? This course aims to use the SOMA process to create a group dynamic which will lead to organising and producing art and activism.

When Roberto Freire created SOMA – an anarchist therapy in Brazil, more than thirty years ago, he was looking for therapeutic methodologies that could help people emotionally who were fighting against the military dictatorship. Changing therapy into experiment, we have turned the SOMA (which means ‘totality of being’ in Greek) approach away from an emphasis on neurosis (we have something wrong) towards the gaining of skills (we can learn something new). In this sense, SOMA seeks to inspire skills to build horizontal relationships, skills that can transform the way we perceive the world, re-building the body, its dwelling and livelihood.

SOMA process creates an environment in which the consensus decision making process starts in each participant’s body, mind, emotions and feelings. This approach breaks the traditional rational way to develop skills, where the mind is split from the body, the individual removed from its surroundings. SOMA games are proposals to play in a group – sharing experiences of collaboration, trust and responsibility. It’s this group dynamic created by SOMA games that stimulate the whole being to engage with the world. After the games, the participants will feedback, talking about their perceptions and behaviour playing together. The games and talks will be the material to work with later, triggering the creative process for the final part of the course.

The body is the material to work with: movement, perception and contact with each other to dare to be creative in everyday life. Play is a way to rediscover the body, just as collaboration helps to rediscover relationships.