slackers-4.JPGslackers-1.JPGFrom the Ivy House, Peckham

 Normally known as the SLACKERS, we were the Fat Cat Choir for the night, revelling in our corporate fantasies, rubbing our fat bellies in glee, smoking our cigars and walking with a swagger. We sang:

Ain’t gonna let (nobody/ no protests / no human rights / no hippie scum) get in our way, get in our way, get in our way

Gonna keep them working, no time for shirking, making money is our plan.

Along with “Don’t fence me in”


Oh, give m land, lots of land, lots of cash and lots of power

Don’t fence me in

Don’t you say I can’t pay workers 20 cents an hour

Don’t fence me in

(I think) it’s cute to pollute, and so if your nation

bans by toxic product without compensation

I can turn and sue you for expropriation – Don’t fence me in

Just turn me loose

Don’t you question an investment that I make in any land

Don’t introduce

Any laws I have to follow but the law they call supply and demand

The world’s a big casino and I want to play, so

Leave me free to speculate because I say so

I don’t care, if it crashes like the peso – Don’t fence me in

Verse 2:

Oh give me GATS because that’s what I need for full control

Don’t fence me in

I’ll be made if I can trade all the services you’ve old

Don’t fence me in

I want your trains and your drains and privatisation

Of health care, of prison and of education

It’s all in the cause of globalisation – don’t fence me in


These 3 letters spell unfettered trade and ought to be your pride

When folks say no

To your decisions, you can tell them that it isn’t really theirs to decide

So if you hand me command just the way I’ve stated

I can make your job a lot less complicated

Don’t you think democracy is overrated?

(Bass): Don’t fence me in (Tony!), don’t you fence me in, (Gordon!)

(Tenor) don’t fence me in (4 times), Tony!

(Alto & Sop) Don’t fence me (3 times), don’t fence me in, Tony!

and “Gonna keep on marching forward”

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