How to respond to Starbucks’ call for choirs to sing and lead workshops in their stores? 

We SLACkers welcomed their generous invitation and headed down to Oxford Circus.  We tried singing a nice song with no particular politics but quickly got bored.  How wrong of us to sing about workers’ exploitation.  Shame we felt the need to bring up GM crops too.  We kicked off with this one:

 Starbucks’ domination of the world failed

Because their coffee tastes of shit

And exploitation;

Putting small cafes out of business,

Stopping workers unionise. 

Which went down badly with customers but surprisingly well with staff who honoured us with our very own Starbucks aprons.  

Thanks guys!  I’m not sure whether they wanted us to keep them but they were a great help in confusing customers in our next two Starbucks.  “You’re singing about exploitation but you’re wearing Starbucks’ uniforms, are you for or against?” What’s going on? Well may you ask.  We also had one customer apologise to us for being there.

Starbucks Borders were far too clever and sussed us right away.  But we got so much applause from the coffee drinkers it was hard for them to chuck us out until we’d done our three songs.  Then we left politely  – But only because we’d run out of songs mind!  Though we did a blast of

 We’re gonna keep on hating Starbucks..

keep on hating Starbucks..

keep on hating Starbucks.. 

on the way out.  Last stop and we got cheers and applause, and the workers invited us to stay and turned the radio off for us.  Shame we had to leave really but they didn’t have any beer.