Mad Chicks Sans Frontières: a wild night of art, music, performance, and film, presented by Mad Chicks, Mad Pride and Creative Routes. LOSING IT stars psychologically and culturally diverse women musicians, writers, artists, film-makers, performers, poets & comediennes. Mad Chicks is about drawing attention to widespread but masked psychiatric and mental distress.  The movement developed from within Mad Pride, a user-led, mental health, civil rights movement, committed to ending discrimination against psychiatric patients, challenging misinformation in relation to mental health and celebrating mad culture. 

Mad Pride did not go cap-in-hand to charities, as that involved cauterising its anti-capitalist attitude. Herein lay its ‘pride’. It was not about being proud of the horrible sides of mental distress, the depression, the dull hours vegetating in psychiatric asylums, forced medication and the contributions to drug company profits. But it did argue that somewhere in the dislocations of madness, the manic highs or the stunning lucid moments of social disconnection, there might be prototypical versions of other lives to be led. Mad Pride deemed that people are deemed ‘mad’ simply because they stick out in a crowd, because they refuse conformist lives.  People experience pain as their pleasures and freedoms conflict with repressive forces in society. 


THE LIBEL OF SANITY I am not an open book. But you can read me in the Braille of crumbling walls, if anyone bothers to feel, to feel. Getting higheris getting deeperpeel the layersthe colour scheme of dreams Empty rooms have their lullabies. Empty rooms have their dreams. My stream of consciousness is chlorinated, sanitised for public use, but look under the surface, dive deeper, get under my skin, come into my dark corners and see how I judge the world. I stand because of these walls, but I can never leave these doors. My head is in the clouds, but I am stuck to the ground, I would like to weigh myself in mid-flight. But I am like a bird trying to fly in set concrete.  The libel of sanity. Can you prove reality exists in a court of law? Where are the witnesses? Where is the evidence? Except the invented evidence. You build the walls and say reality exists within these walls? Take the walls away and what have you got? The jury is out.    Dozzy Angel                Eccentric FishDolly Sen
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from Permanent Agriculture Temporary Aggroculture

by Ceri Buck

Breaking down travel undoing travel falling into old habits travel fortifying bad habits travel decomposing travel becoming smaller travel a many-handed now travel km pass travel I pass through them travel they through me travel  food travel climate expression travel I can’t remain the same travel Like compost travel like a journey travel food scraps travel transformation travel lost the egg plot travel ego throw turned into body, turns taken in bodies, ends up in bodies, bodies end as in end. Kundalini, capoeira, diary writing, chemotherapy, hysterectomy, arguments amongst friends, drug injection, sticky nicotine patches, the progestogen only pill, insulin, easily swayed, hot water bottles to drain the pus, GSOH, sugar caves We as plastic people never rot but need at least another heaped tablespoonrun the risk of being declared a witch not here to work but to be worked upon You’re at the bottom of the slide what happens next?run the risk declare yourself a witchhere to shirkand run around in playgroundsMy quick quick snap step sharp end friendGet neither better nor worse as you get older but more yourself junk the e-lite


images by Melanie Clifford

Words by Dolly Sen and Ceri Buck