International Women’s day has marked a series of actions which have dramatically shifted international power across the planet. The revolution began in a phenomenal series of mass mobilised action which has transformed the face of global power, military and economics over the course of a weekend.

This unprecedented shift has been the result of a mass mobilisation of women from all walks of life around the globe. This underground development of women’s communities has gone unnoticed by police and government officials who believed that by closing women’s resource centres and removing services women had lost their only remaining opportunities for solidarity.

Reports suggest that undetected organisations have been in place for months, preparing women to withdraw free labour and care provision on which the global economic and power structures rely. This organised withdrawal of these services on International women’s day coincided with organised military coups worldwide.

Women have seized control of International military power. Rape, sexual violence, and the destruction of the environment has been a long term weapon of war but a major transformation is now underway. Operation Phoenix began at 2am GMT Saturday morning with unprecedented support from working class communities, military families and victims of war united.

Military personal will be re-trained in permaculture and non-violent communication and deployed to support global and community environmental projects. All forms of industrial agriculture and animal farming have been blocked and labourers and workers in these industries have the opportunity to retrain and join the replacement permaculture system. Animals formerly captivated for use in the meat and animal farming industries will be carefully integrated into this environmentally holistic society or released into the wild.

It also appears that Operation Phoenix has infiltrated major drugs companies, and in the last hour leading pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, H.Lundbeck and Janssen Pharmaceuticals have announced their collapse, with further reports of closures coming in.

Free and broad reaching holistic health services have been revealed to replace these pharmaceutical industries which will offer a broad range of healing and emotional support to all people regardless of social status and are based on real choice for those seeking care.

A series of targeted explosions across around the globe have eliminated all stock exchanges and international finance records. There have been minor reports of fatalities with 47 of the leading hedge fund managers reported assassinated. With the financial global super power removed the notion of ‘developing countries’ has been eradicated and the battle for obtaining the earth’s resources at the cost of human and natural life is over.

With the fall of capitalist power structure operation phoenix have announced that all people will be cared for and their needs met. A spokes woman for phoenix said “There are more than enough resources on this planet to support and care for everyone’s needs, the rich/poor divide no-longer exists. Those who are willing to cooperate and work together, offering what skills and level of contribution they can will never be without food shelter or care, there is no room for hierarchy on this planet, we will work with and learn from the earth, by doing this we will all be free. Capitalism has no place in the future of this planet.”

With all this work happening the sound of men, women and children celebrating in the streets and fields can be heard across the planet, There’s a real feeling of hope in the air, an excitement as collectively we welcome tomorrow and the beginning of a new world which places the values of equality, freedom, creativity and nurture above the old ways of control, profit and power.