AnarchaFeminist Kolektiv.

London AnarchaFeminist Kolektiv was formed earlier this year, after the
eviction of Wominspace, a women- and trans-only social centre in Hackney.
We are a busy group with lots of projects on the go. We have held
workshops and skillshare events on (among other things) practical
squatting/ diy skills, climbing and direct action, herbalism, have a
fortnightly reading / discussion group,have monthly women, grrls and trans
bike fixing sessions and have just finished our first zine on herbalism.
We are a women and transfolk only group.
We seek to challenge sexism and all forms of oppression and transform
society along anarchafeminist ideals.
We have lots of ideas for future actions and activities and would like to
expand our collective – are you interested in getting involved?

We would like to invite all women and transfolk to come and find out more
about the collective and help us plan what direction to take and what to
do next. We have planned a whole “creative” day to do art, silk-screen
printing, stencil and badge making, web design etc with food and an open
meeting to follow.

We will be meeting from 3pm from for creative activities, with food at six
and the open meeting at 7pm on Saturday the 25th October at Lambeth Womens
Centre, 166a Stockwell Rd, Brixton SW9.

Bring useful materials (eg cardboard, fabric for patches, screen-printing
supplies, glitter, glue, spray-paint, card, stationery, craft knives) and
vegan food to share!

Check out our website at or email us at  for more information.