Young dandelion leaves, mashed with salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Crushed dandelion leaves with salt & balsamic

Crushed dandelion leaves with salt & balsamic

Main course:

Pasta with nettle sauce, walnuts and stilton cheese

Nettle sauce with a swirl of cream


Elderflower & Dandelion flower fritters

Freshly fried elderflower fritter

Freshly fried elderflower fritter

Tea: lemon balm


A friend, Katie was over to stay while doing her fooling work in London and on her last day we decided to go for a walk and try some elderflower fritters. And Cor Blimey were they worth it. But let me start at the beginning. We picked all the leaves and flowers (I already had some nettles from Burgess park left over from the weekend. We started off with Dandelions crushed with salt and olive oil. Aga from the walk at the weekend mentioned this and it’s a perfect combination. I normally find dandelion too bitter to be enjoyable but the salt and the vinegar offset the bitterness and but the dandelions hold their own against the harshness of the vinegar.

Then we had a simple onion, leek, carrot & nettle sauce. Blended with a swirl of cream. I didn’t actually put walnuts and stilton in as I didn’t have any but I think they would go well. The pasta dish was very tasty but my 2 year old son didn’t try any but I think that’s because he was too tired to eat. Kids are funny like that.

But then, the amazing, incredible discovery was the fritters. We heated up sunflower oil really hot, made a batter with egg, plain flower and cold water. The elderflowers, we picked off any insects  but didn’t wash them. If you dip the elderflower head in the batter and then place it in the oil, the oil whooshes into frying action and the stem of the flowers is a great handle. You don’t need a slotted spoon to remove it. Each head of flowers took about 10 secs, not much more than this. It was divine. Katie and I dabbed each freshly fried flower head in icing sugar and then squeezed lime on it.


My friend Katie has been developing Clowning and Guerrilla Gardening workshops around Europe over the past year and may do one in London over the summer. Please contact kugi(at) if interested.