On Saturday 21st November, around 30 people joined us for the monthly walk. We met as usual at the entrance to Wyck Gardens

Meeting at Wyck Gardens

There's always so much to see, even in scraps of land on Wyck Gardens

Discussing possible uses and recipe ideas for each plant

Walking on up Wyck Gardens

Inventing a new game for plants

There's some chickweed in this alleyway behind Kemble House, bit doggy though so don't pick it

At the herb garden, just a few apples left on those trees

Looking for herbs and apples

It was a beautiful Autumn day to be out walking

Everyone sharing ideas, curiosity, questions and knowledge

Sage sticks in the making from sage we picked at the herb garden

Sage sticks are used by Native American or First Nation cultures as medicine, purifying and antiseptic; it’s a great one to cleanse a house if you or someone in your house has been ill.  At Climate Camp 2009, the First Nation representatives from Alberta, Canada burnt sage at the start of a meeting, to bless the meeting. More on why they were here here. https://lambethbandofsolidarity.wordpress.com/2009/09/01/solidarity-with-canadas-first-nations-stop-bp-now/

Bind the branch of sage with a thread so reduce the air between the leaves

In the Loughborough centre after the walk

Chopping the chickweed in the mezza luna chopper

We also added flat leaf parsley to the pesto as the chickweed tends to reduce down when chopped

The chopper is safe enough to train young hands to use it too

With some friendly supervision of course!

I need to ask Jo what these mushrooms are ...

Mini grater and maxi grater. Lots of parmesan for the pesto

There's tasks for everyone

Filling the wood burner with wood pellet for a fast and ferocious flame

Fill the burner to just below the ventilation holes

Just about to light it

Let the wood burn for a few minutes before you start cooking on it

I asked for participants opinions on a proposed extension of Invisible Food for 2010

You can regulate the flame to high or low for different cooking requirements

Saucepan on, cooking the pasta now

And finally the pesto, ready to eat