Goosegrass in Tower Hamlets Cemetry

Come on a wild food cycle around East London!

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn to identify and pick a host of edible wild shoots and leaves growing in the urban landscape…all whilst enjoying a relaxed cycle ride.

You will discover the range of properties held by these ‘invisible’ wild foods before finally getting the chance to prepare and taste them in a communally cooked meal.

The ride will take place on Saturday 13th March and will be guided by Ceri who runs the Invisible Food Project in Lambeth. The wild food ride will cost £10 (including a meal and refreshments- what a bargain) and will raise money for bike charity Otesha.

Contact if you want to get involved.

Carla and Ceri at the end of the ride

Participants should be confident to cycle on the road – bring your own bike and helmet!

Link to the route

Link to photos from the day