Wild food walk around the green spaces of Loughborough area of Brixton to forage for our lunch!

Last month we had dandelion flower fritters, nettle soup, stuffed lime leaves and eritrean coffee! We prepared hawthorn flower syrup which we’ll have on the 12th June.

Come prepared to enjoy yourself and join in.

Walks are accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Bring suitable clothes and some food to share at the end. We’ll be making some paper from leaf pulp while the leaves are at their bushiest.

Bring some old sheets of paper for drying your paper in between. Photocopied, not ink jet paper.

Also bring tupperwares or bags for collecting things in.

Please note: we’ll be leaving the centre around 12pm and won’t be back again until 1.30 ish. Please arrive promptly for 11.45 or slightly before so we can do registration and move off at 12pm


The aim of Invisible Food is to strengthen social cohesion in disadvantaged areas throughout Lambeth, and specifically in the Coldharbour ward, through engaging with the natural environment. Invisible Food walks and workshops aim to increase opportunities for local residents to contribute their environmental, botanical and culintary knowledge and experience as part of a reskilling process towards a low carbon future. Invisible Food organises wild food walks, cooking sessions and creative workshops (including drawing, writing, mapmaking and traditional crafts) as opportunities for sharing experience and strengthening communities.