Oasis nature garden is an amazing resource. Kids, get down there now!

Or come along on Saturday 29th May at 11am for a Photo foraging walk and to cook up some elderflower fritters … the best of the Summer’s offerings.

Oasis Children’s Nature Garden
Welcome to Oasis Children’s Nature Garden, one of the only wildlife gardens just for children. The garden was a derelict site until 1982 when the local community began working on the transformation of this site into it’s now mature state. The garden boasts an array of natural habitats such as a wildflower meadow, woodland, two wildlife ponds and a wetland area, a nectar garden, a cottage garden and a sensory trail. The garden supports a variety of plant, insect and animal species. We have a greenhouse for raising seedlings and a heated greenhouse for tropical plants. There is an indoor area and a porch.

The site is open access and attracts children aged 5 – 16 yrs. Children and young people usually with no garden of their own can enjoy experiencing this unique outdoors environment. Here they can play freely whilst learning about nature in a safe and stimulating environment.