This is the label the children created and designed themselves in photoshop

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Young people from Brixton create their own wild drink


Launch event Saturday 5th June at 2pm in Brixton Market


In the summer half term, young people from Grove Adventure Playground, near Loughborough and Hertford estates in Brixton, will be creating their own special drink of nettle and ginger beer, complete with unique labels to launch at Brixton Cornercopia, in Brixton Village, a corner shop with a difference, selling locally made preserves and serving lunches made mostly with market-sourced or locally grown and sometimes foraged ingredients. 

The young people, aged 7 – 13 will first forage for nettles in surrounding green spaces with wild food artist Ceri Buck from the Invisible Food project, they will make their own version of nettle and ginger beer and while it’s left to brew over the half term week, they’ll be creating their own labels before a bottling and tasting session at Grove Adventure Playground on the Friday 4th June and a launch at Brixton Cornercopia on Saturday 5th June.

Play is at the heart of the project, which links in with Grove Adventure Playground’s practice of promoting play and increasing opportunities for play for young people in a disadvantaged area of Brixton. Searching for wild food is akin to a treasure hunt, you never know what plant you’ll find, and they twurn up in the most unexpected places. The walks are an opportunity to play and be outdoors in all weathers.  Tanya Diedrick from Grove Adventure Playground said “(Making things with wild food) is like having a tea party but it’s real. Instead of empty plastic cups, they played with real produce, tasting teas, running around with the jams they’d made.”

The young people will learn to identify and pick nettles safely, they will discuss how to make ginger beer and nettle beer and make their own fusion of the two drinks, parents will be encouraged to share their own Caribbean culinary heritage. The young people will draw and write about the process and make a unique label for the bottled drink; Anne Fairbrother from Brixton Cornercopia will give some tips on what information to include in the label. The young people will also self-organise in the project and take control of the decision making process necessary for this small scale collaborative production.

Invisible Food and Grove Adventure Playground collaborated in 2009 making local blackberry jam and wild herb vege burgers. This year they have joined forces with Brixton Cornercopia, so the young people have the opportunity to launch their drink over a busy lunchtime in the café and see members of the public tasting it. This project is part of a wider project, The London Salad: A Wild Food community resource project, in which Invisible Food will be working with a range of community groups to research new and original ways of cooking the wild plants in London that reflect the social and ethnic diversity of local residents.

Aims of workshops:

  • to enable young people from Grove Adventure Playground to identify and make a soft drink with nettles and ginger
  • to increase awareness of local natural environment
  • to encourage discussion of Caribbean culinary heritage (ginger beer) which will be a catalyst for parental involvement in the project
  • to raise awareness of safety issues when gathering wild food, food hygiene and healthy eating
  • to draw and write about the plants and the process of making the nettle and ginger beer,
  • to encourage creative design skills in designing labels for the bottles
  • to enable young people to self organise and take control of the decision making process
  • to empower young people through new knowledge, self expression and their creative involvement in producing the nettle and ginger beer
  • to create a launch of the nettle and ginger beer at Brixton Cornercopia, inviting family and friends


  • For more information about the project or Invisible Food, please contact

Ceri Buck on 07963 446605 or 

  • For more information about Grove Adventure Playground

  • Brixton Cornercopia is located at no.65 Brixton Village Market, at the junction

of Coldharbour lane and Atlantic Road.  Weekly menus and other updates can be found here

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Invisible Food has previously received funding from Artangel and Lambeth Council