Invisible Food Training Programme Saturdays April 2nd and April 9th 2011

Blue sky over Angell Town nettle patch


A further opportunity to give Invisible Food participants more skills and knowledge to encourage a deeper level of  participation in the workshops, (taking on more tasks, getting involved in behind the scenes preparation and organisational work) and also to start leading their own walks

To give other people who are interested in setting up a similar project in their area the skills and knowledge necessary to begin.

Cost: £10

Resources and Materials: The London Salad publication, the Invisible Food poster

Day one:

Participate in the Invisible Food walk on Saturday 2nd April. It is essential that you participate in this day if you haven’t attended one before. It is highly recommended that you attend this day if you have attended a walk already.

Day two:  Saturday 9th April

Please arrive before 10am and we’ll start bang on 10am.

Outline for the day

  • Background to Invisible Food, its aims and ethos

Invisible Food operates as a skill share, through questions, curiosity and by coming forward with your own skills and knowledge

  • Finding out Why are you here, what is your particular interest, where have you come from?
  • Intro to Wild Food identification
  • Wild food cooking and recognising diversity through cooking styles.
  • Signposting further Wild food courses and Plant Id courses and resources

  • Organisational work:  Guidelines for Urban foraging and how to do Risk assessment
  • Safeguarding Policy and signposting to Safeguarding courses
  • Basic First Aid and signposting to First Aid courses
  • Plant drawing, as an intro to complementary arts activites
  • Intro to complementary arts activities and resources.
  • Plenary: Next steps & evaluation