Try this magical drawing technique:

You will need:

  • various types of paper and card
  • various types of pen, felt tip, gold glitter pen, wax crayons etc
  • card, folded into a card shape
  • an envelope for your card
  • a 1st class stamp

Choose a plant that you are irresistibly drawn to.

Don’t think too much. The plant will draw you to it.

Sit down beside it.

Prepare to draw. Look at plant.

Don’t take your eyes off the plant and start drawing.

Don’t look at what you’re drawing. Your conscious mind, which operates through vision, will only get in the way of the work of art you are creating.

Try to fill the page by feeling your way round the edges of the paper with your other hand. This isn’t too important but something to experiment with.

Do loads of drawings really quickly. Try gold pen on black paper, felt tip on white paper, wax crayon on black.

You’ll be surprised at what you create.

Glue your drawing onto card and dedicate to a friend. Pop in an envelope and send off right away. Speed is of the essence. Your friend needs to see your creative talent as soon as possible. And needs to know you are thinking of him or her as soon as possible.

This is what Hamish drew and wrote – what a star!



to draw, without looking at the paper

removes all expectation of what may happen.

through focussed attention,

the complexity, the rhythm of the structure of the plant

and the rhythm of pencil on paper

reveal something of its inner music