In May and June, Invisible Food and AYANNA – the network for people involved in community and social change work hosted a series of  workshops to nourish and inspire people involved in community work and social change. Workshops included

Wild herb meditations

Learn to identify wild herbs and flowers, spend some time in nature. No prior experience required,

just a willingness to spend some moments in silence as part of an otherwise social experience





Time to Get Messy Art Workshop

Paint. Big paper. Material. Glue. Time to create something beautiful together


Karibu song time

Songs of celebration, songs of struggle, songs of energy, songs of joy. No prior experience  required.

Come and let your voice soar.


Street Food workshop

World food with Wild food. Foraging and feasting.


Film showing: Budrus (2009)

Follows a Palestinian leader who unites Fatah, Hamas and Israelis in an unarmed movement to

save his village from destruction.



We also recommend this:

A Song for our Time

Come together and co-create a song for our time that will strengthen and sustain you each time you sing it for years to come.

A one-day workshop co-led by Bridget Belgrave and Jane Wheeler

Saturday June 30, 10am-4.30pm, Golders Green, North London

This day is for everyone!

No previous writing or singing experience needed. Discover the experience of co-creating a song that encodes what matters to you in this magical, musical form that will live in your heart so you can share it you can affirm playfully deeply creatively passionately your heart and soul your dreams and hopes  your struggles and suffering a b o u t the big issues of our time Bridget and Jane will facilitate you to connect deeply and co-create freely. You’ll be astonished by how easily the song emerges.

What will happen on the day?

We’ll bring attention to what is really important to you and to others in the group, in the collective field we share – the big issues of our time. We’ll connect with these issues, using NVC-based processes, and creative modalities. We’ll transition into song-writing and Jane will guide us through the co-creation of our song(s), with her tried and tested process for collaborative song-writing.

We’ll sing and record the song(s), before the end of the day, and transfer the recording as an mp3 file to you, for your continuing connection with the soulful song(s) we create.


Bridget Belgrave and Jane Wheeler bring together their passion for song, creativity, empathy, compassion, meditation, mindfulness, and the insights of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to provide a context for people to find connection with their deepest values through engaging in ‘Living Song’.

Jane is a published song-writer and has huge experience in music education and directing youth choirs. She has a gift for midwife-ing the birth of people’s heart-songs, and a long term personal practice in non-judgmental living. Jane’s website:

Contributions: Between £15 and £55 (or more if you wish!)


Ayanna is grassroots Ayanna is social change Ayanna is community Ayanna is eternally blossoming