The things they’d never had – collection of short stories!!
I’ve just put together a collection of the stories that I wrote between January and December 2012. Some of them need a bit of work and some of them I’m happy to leave them be and move on to the next stories. I thought you might be the kind of reader I want; the kind of reader who reads for the connection to be gained to oneself in the reading and writing of stories, the kind of reader who attends to their own pleasure without judgement. Get in touch if you want to read the stories and I’ll send you a copy.
I’ve called the collection The things they’d never had,  to honour the pleasure of invention and creation to be had in writing short stories, these stories are all ‘things I’ve never had.’, or certainly never had quite the way they are written in the story. … I feel like my journey with short stories is just beginning and I hope to dedicate more time to writing them next year. I have a lot to learn around getting to the essence of the story, in a couple of stories I’m still not quite sure what the point is or what this story means to me, dare I confess to you without fear of putting you off reading them?  I wonder if you can guess which ones.
Finally. I’d just like to send some loving energy to Andrew Morrish who is recovering from a heart attack and bypass operation in Melbourne, Australia. Andrew is an improvisation teacher I’ve known for 4 years and who nurtures creativity in wonderful ways. He has a brilliant three-pronged mantra which I use all the time when I write, you can use it too for whichever creative pursuit you are engaged in.
I’m a ****ing great (writer)
People love me when I (write)
I’m not arrogant.
Festive love to you all