Sista Solidarity

at the Arcola Theatre, Saturday 25th July 2009

a company of women, swans, peace, eternity, preening, loving, circles of water

Water music

then the acro beasts invade “Boring! We want a a fight! Fight! Fight! Can you fight?!”


Feathers fly

War cry

The Opera Moon Song

The violin, the heart, the cygnet


An original idea and directed by Carmel Morrissey.

Performers are Carmel, Alexia, Lida, Renata, Ceri, Lauren, Ruth, Momboya, Hannah, Helen, and costumes and design by Leanne


Women Making History:

an intergenerational conference led by London women

Saturday July 11th 2009 1.30 – 4.45pm

at the Museum of London Docklands, Quayside Room, 3rd Floor

a one day participatory conference led by London women from different communities and generations looking at what women in London have lost and gained over the past 50 years and what we need to create momentum to change

  • featuring films from the Women Making History 2008 and 2009 projects,

  • a discussion led by participants from 2008 and 2009

  • the Women’s library,

  • poetry performance from Dorothea Smartt,

  • presentation from Remembering Olive Collective,

  • badges

  • zines

For further information please contact Lynda Agard, Community Access Officer at the Museum of London 020 78145775 or Ceri Buck on or 07963 446605

Getting to the Museum of London Docklands

Museum of London Docklands
West India Quay, Canary Wharf
London E14 4AL

 By DLR: West India Quay
 By Tube: Canary Wharf
 By Bus: D3, D7, D8, 277, N50, D6, 15, 115, 135

There is no entrance fee to the museum for conference participants

About the participants

Golden Oldies

The Golden Oldies is a group for elders of Caribbean origin. They’ve been meeting on the Walworth Road, South London for around 13 years. They do a variety of activities, keep fit, healthy living, African drumming, Black history month activities, and share a meal together. They often go on trips out all over London, and abroad.


Shravika Satsang Mandal

The Shravika Satsang Mandal group from the Wembley area in North West London is a collective of Asian women of East African origin who meet weekly to practice yoga, reflexology, share food and spiritual and reflective literature together. The women provide support for each other to face the day-to-day problems of settling and living in Britain. It was founded by Vilasgauri Dhanani in 1973 whose aim has always been to use a holistic approach to life and health to empower Asian women.

Young women from the Sir John Cass Foundation & Red Coats School

The above two groups have been meeting, discussing and creating work with various young women studying English and Media at the Sir John Cass Foundation & Red Coats School on Stepney Way, East London


Remembering Olive Collective

Olive Morris was a key figure in Lambeth’s local history. She worked with the Black Panther movement; set up Brixton Black Women’s Group, was a founder member of The Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent (OWAAD) and was central to the squatter campaigns of the 1970s. She died tragically young in 1979 at age 27.

The aim of Remembering Olive Collective (ROC) is to create public memories of Olive Morris, bringing together the personal testimonies of those who knew her, and publishing online information and materials relating to her life and work. ROC is currently working on an extensive oral history project and researching in archives and in October 2009 will be launching a public collection at Lambeth Archives focused on Olive Morris life and her times.

Dorothea Smartt

Dorothea Smartt, is of Barbadian (aka Bajan) heritage. Dubbed ‘Brit-born Bajan international’ [Kamau Brathwaithe], her work receives critical attention in Britain, Europe, the Caribbean, and the USA. She is acknowledged as tackling multi-layered cultural myths and the real life experiences of Black women with searing honesty. She was Brixton Market’s first Poet-in-Residence, and a former Attached Live Artist at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Her evocative and spirited voice “coils up your feelings, around granite chips of truth… unwinds solace, in the most soothing volleys” [Caribbean Times]. Described as “accessible & dynamic”, her work was recently selected to promote the best of contemporary writing in Europe today.

The Women’s Library

The Women’s Library exists to document and explore women’s lives in Britain in the past, present and future, and houses the most extensive resource for women’s history in the UK.

It was originally established in 1926, as the Library of the London Society for Women’s Service, the successor of the London women’s suffrage organisation led by Millicent Fawcett.

The current exhibition at the Library is Between the Covers: Women’s Magazines and their Readers. The reading room houses collections which cover a variety of topics, such as women’s rights, suffrage, sexuality, health, education, employment, reproductive rights, the family, and the home. The emphasis is primarily on women in Britain, but some international material is included. Entrance to the library and reading rooms is free.


The Women’s Library has collaborated with the Museum of London on the Women Making History project in 2008 and 2009.


AnarchaFeminist Kolektiv.

London AnarchaFeminist Kolektiv was formed earlier this year, after the
eviction of Wominspace, a women- and trans-only social centre in Hackney.
We are a busy group with lots of projects on the go. We have held
workshops and skillshare events on (among other things) practical
squatting/ diy skills, climbing and direct action, herbalism, have a
fortnightly reading / discussion group,have monthly women, grrls and trans
bike fixing sessions and have just finished our first zine on herbalism.
We are a women and transfolk only group.
We seek to challenge sexism and all forms of oppression and transform
society along anarchafeminist ideals.
We have lots of ideas for future actions and activities and would like to
expand our collective – are you interested in getting involved?

We would like to invite all women and transfolk to come and find out more
about the collective and help us plan what direction to take and what to
do next. We have planned a whole “creative” day to do art, silk-screen
printing, stencil and badge making, web design etc with food and an open
meeting to follow.

We will be meeting from 3pm from for creative activities, with food at six
and the open meeting at 7pm on Saturday the 25th October at Lambeth Womens
Centre, 166a Stockwell Rd, Brixton SW9.

Bring useful materials (eg cardboard, fabric for patches, screen-printing
supplies, glitter, glue, spray-paint, card, stationery, craft knives) and
vegan food to share!

Check out our website at or email us at  for more information.

Well, the squat has been evicted but the women are continuing their collective with info at Ladyfest and a DIY skillskaring weekend at end of June 08 – as they say, in spanner-wielding solidarity. Bring it on!

This is a callout to all women and trans-folk that would like to be
involved in a weekend of workshops around diy-squatting. We plan to take
advantage of all the usual challenges that semi-derelict buildings pose as
a platform for sharing our knowledge, skills, and experience in all the
tasks related to opening and maintaining a healthy and happy squat!

These are all the areas that have thought of so far, but more ideas are
always welcome:

Security- doors/locks etc
Dealing w/ cops/owners- talk about experience/share tactics
Women/Trans squatting- open discussion on experience of squatting from a
Sustainable energy

All levels of experience in any of the above areas are welcome (you don’t
need to have a degree in plumbing to know how to unblock a pipe and share
this knowledge with others!).

And even if you have no experience in any of the practical, diy-related
areas, we also hope to have a platform to share experiences, stories and
advice related to all aspects of squat-living from a trans/woman’s
perspective, so all experience counts.

Please get in touch if you’d like to help out at all in organising this
weekend – We’ll need help finding a suitable space and preparing it for
the weekend, publicising the gathering, and then running workshops on the
weekend itself, as well as collecting and preparing food. We also hope to
provide childcare (on a rota-basis), so please let us know if you can help
with that.

This gathering will be held on the weekend of the 28th – 29th June.

You can e-mail us at

Please spread the word! (Let us know if you would like to be sent leaflets)

In spanner-brandishing solidarity


And now for some welding
A group of women has turned an empty space in the London borough of Hackney into a new, women-only (trans-inclusive) social centre.

The ‘wominspace’ may not be around for long, as this is taking place in a squatted building, and a court case today could see them served with an eviction order as soon as April. But if you get down there now, you will get the chance to participate in a whole list of exciting-sounding workshops and events, including, yes, welding, “feminist singing”, yoga, a women’s health workshop, stencil-making, and a daily cafe and kids’ space.

Call 07939381562 for more information, or email

4a Corbridge Crescent London E2 9DS

the importance of women-only spaces:

Because it is in women-only space that a woman’s voice can be heard on her own terms. In women-only space she is free of the ‘male gaze’, free of the spectre of patriarchal judgement, that in mixed space- aka the ‘real world’- threatens to denounce, silence, talk over, appropriate, or ridicule her voice.

Women have made many important gains into previously ‘man-only’ space, most notably governmental politics, but because these gains have been made in a world where male privilege still remains, where male values continue to dominate and hold the most credibility, women’s voices are still mainly deemed subordinate. Where men’s voices and values dominate, a woman’s voice is often only given credence if she appropriates the male voice and values, if she tows the patriarchal line.

So while this continues to be the case, women-only space remains relevant because women need space free of male influence and control in order to forge our own politics on our own terms. Otherwise those dominant male voices and values will worm their way in, leaving us where we started.

as posted on

For weekly timetable click here

For DIY health weekend timetable March 15-16th click here


Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:

*Café and Kids Space* 3-9pm


Welding Workshop 7-9pm

Music Jam From 8pm


Welding Workshop 10-12am

Safer Spaces 1-3pm

Practical Herbal Skillshare 4-6pm

Yoga 6-8pm


Stencil making From 11am

Feminist Singing 8-10pm


Women’s Discussion Group 6.30-8.30pm


Bar 7pm


Yoga 4-6pm

Language Exchange 5-7pm


Weekly Collective Meeting (Open) and Dinner 7pm

Saturday and Sunday:

Women’s Health Workshop Weekend 15th-16th March

DIY Health Weekend
March 15th-16th @ wominspace
4a Corbridge Crescent
London E2 9DS
Tel. 07939381562

We are inviting all womyn for a weekend of workshops and skill-share to learn and openly discuss ways of taking control of our own health.

We are a newly created and organised squatted social centre in which self-identified womyn and trans people can come and take part in workshops, skill-share and discussions. We work collectively to find ways to challenge capitalism and gender oppression, as well as providing a safer space for womyn folk to rest in.

10:30 – 11:30 Wild Herb Walk
A walk around our local area to identify local herbs and gain information on how to use them medicinally.
12 – 1:30 Safer Spaces
A discussion around improving our own communities by examining our social conditioning with the aim of challenging the sexism, racism, homophobia and other oppressions that are inherent in our everyday lives.
2 – 4:00 Negotiating Safer Sex
A workshop on dental dams, clean fingernails and much more!
4 -6 Yoga
Basic session of hatha yoga suitable for beginners.
6:30 – 8:30 Shamanic fire ceremony
The fire ceremony is a give away ceremony and is for releasing that of yourself that no longer serves you. It is a ceremony of transformatin in which we make offerings to the fire. Bring a piece of wood if you can.
8:30 til late: Food share, mutual massage and hanging out space

10 – 12 Indian Head Massage
Instruction to the the techniques of Indian head massage
1-2:30 Homeopathy
An introduction to and deconstruction of homeopathy [for all levels].
12:30 – 2:30 DIY Drop in and Make Your Own Herb Drying Rack

2:30 – 3:30 Sprouting & Vegan Nutrition
2:30 – 3:30 DIY Essences
Instruction and materials provided to help you make your own essences. Please bring an empty bottle.
3:30 – 4:30 DIY Gynecology Part 1
Cervical health – a description about cervical health abnormal spears and cervical self-exams
5 – 6 DIY Gynecology Part 2
Vaginal health – information on treating vaginal infections such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis
6:30 – 7:30 Herstory of Women’s Health Collectives
8:00 Collective Meeting & Meal

See you there!



International Women’s day has marked a series of actions which have dramatically shifted international power across the planet. The revolution began in a phenomenal series of mass mobilised action which has transformed the face of global power, military and economics over the course of a weekend.

This unprecedented shift has been the result of a mass mobilisation of women from all walks of life around the globe. This underground development of women’s communities has gone unnoticed by police and government officials who believed that by closing women’s resource centres and removing services women had lost their only remaining opportunities for solidarity.

Reports suggest that undetected organisations have been in place for months, preparing women to withdraw free labour and care provision on which the global economic and power structures rely. This organised withdrawal of these services on International women’s day coincided with organised military coups worldwide.

Women have seized control of International military power. Rape, sexual violence, and the destruction of the environment has been a long term weapon of war but a major transformation is now underway. Operation Phoenix began at 2am GMT Saturday morning with unprecedented support from working class communities, military families and victims of war united.

Military personal will be re-trained in permaculture and non-violent communication and deployed to support global and community environmental projects. All forms of industrial agriculture and animal farming have been blocked and labourers and workers in these industries have the opportunity to retrain and join the replacement permaculture system. Animals formerly captivated for use in the meat and animal farming industries will be carefully integrated into this environmentally holistic society or released into the wild.

It also appears that Operation Phoenix has infiltrated major drugs companies, and in the last hour leading pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, H.Lundbeck and Janssen Pharmaceuticals have announced their collapse, with further reports of closures coming in.

Free and broad reaching holistic health services have been revealed to replace these pharmaceutical industries which will offer a broad range of healing and emotional support to all people regardless of social status and are based on real choice for those seeking care.

A series of targeted explosions across around the globe have eliminated all stock exchanges and international finance records. There have been minor reports of fatalities with 47 of the leading hedge fund managers reported assassinated. With the financial global super power removed the notion of ‘developing countries’ has been eradicated and the battle for obtaining the earth’s resources at the cost of human and natural life is over.

With the fall of capitalist power structure operation phoenix have announced that all people will be cared for and their needs met. A spokes woman for phoenix said “There are more than enough resources on this planet to support and care for everyone’s needs, the rich/poor divide no-longer exists. Those who are willing to cooperate and work together, offering what skills and level of contribution they can will never be without food shelter or care, there is no room for hierarchy on this planet, we will work with and learn from the earth, by doing this we will all be free. Capitalism has no place in the future of this planet.”

With all this work happening the sound of men, women and children celebrating in the streets and fields can be heard across the planet, There’s a real feeling of hope in the air, an excitement as collectively we welcome tomorrow and the beginning of a new world which places the values of equality, freedom, creativity and nurture above the old ways of control, profit and power.

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