Slackers no longer exists, but it was so worth it ….


‘We are slackers.  We sing in the street, in bandstands, in our homes,  in shops, in corporations, on the picket line, on public transport and in the bath.’ 


‘We are slackers.  We are angry, we are hungry, we are happy’ 


 ‘We are slackers. We don’t have a conductor, a lead singer, a boss, a manager, a producer, a press officer, or an artistic director. We are each all of these roles and are constantly learning new roles.’  


‘We are slackers, and we don’t always sing in tune.’  


‘We are slackers. We are an antidote to corrosive cynicism and we aim to make your life just that bit more confusing.’


The South London Activist Choir (aka Slackers) came out of a spontaneous sing-song on 22nd December 2006 in the West End of London.

WATCH this seven minute video that covers the brutal attacks by a group of crazed and dangerously drunk Christmas Carol singers as they rampaged their way from Carnaby Street onto Oxford Street, storming the most splendid institutes of “cheap and affordable” consumer churches.

NikeTown, Selfridges, Debenhams and Topshop – all fine establishments with clean employment rights records and highly paid staff members, with guaranteed pension schemes, were subjected to bastardised festive ditties by a visibly dangerous crowd of thugs, rude legal observers and cruel cameramen, none with the least amount of concern for public safety.

Keep on singing in 2007 with the following exploits ….

3 Responses to “SLACkers”

  1. Catherine Pestano Says:

    Hi lovely paper and ideas. I would like to come along one session please. How do I find info on when you next meet? Please let me have a link as I am not very good at navigating around sites yet. Aplogies if it is right here and I can’t see it!
    Thank you

  2. […] Changing the energy of the gallery space, and encouraging you to sing along with them… 6pm til LATE! […]

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