Twelve months, twelve geographical regions; a year-long celebration of urban foraging, community feasting and world food

Street Food: Urban foraging and world food by Ceridwen Buckmaster will be available from Wednesday 18th December 2013.

£15 Full colour photos and illustrations 124pp

Street Food: Urban foraging and world food shines a spotlight on wild food as ‘the new street food’ in a collection of recipes inspired by the wild plants that grow in urban areas, as well as by the people and the diverse food traditions present in the city. ‘Street Food refers to both the wild food found on the urban streets, and also to the urban culture of eating food on the go’ says author Ceridwen Buckmaster.

In the book, you will learn how to forage safely in urban areas, and find over 60 world food recipes made with wild food, including Vietnamese rice wraps with wild herbs, Polish pierogi with nettle and thistle shoots, South Asian chestnut and fig biryani, Caribbean blackberry smoothies, and East African yarrow honey wine.

Since 2008, Ceridwen has led walks in London’s green spaces to learn about edible wild plants and is passionate about bringing communities together through food. She says, “We’ve gone walking together in parks and green spaces finding plants that are edible and safe to pick; and we’ve experimented with each other’s cooking traditions. In the city, you can travel round the world, just by connecting to your neighbour.”

Street Food: Urban Foraging and World food by Ceridwen Buckmaster, with photography by Nemo Roberts and design by Dorothea Bohlius will be published by Invisible Press on Wednesday 18th December 2013.

Street Food: Urban foraging and world food

Street Food: Urban foraging and world food

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